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Welcome to Senior Haven

At Senior Haven, we provide compassionate, comprehensive care for elderly.
Our highly qualified team of nurses, certified nursing assistants, and care givers are committed to provide innovative, high-quality short- term care and long-term care for older adults.

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It is our hope your experience with us is a positive one. We are honored to be your home health care service provider and we’re committed to providing you with the best care we can.

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Phone: (971) 271 8975
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What People Say

My Mom was 91 when she fell at her house and broke her leg, extensive surgery was required and even after rehab services she was still confined to bed. I went looking for a homelike environment where she could hopefully get better and have the best possible quality of life. After talking to Aris and Lena at Senior Haven, Mom moved in. With P.T. and help from me and the wonderful staff, Mom was eventually able to walk again with the aid of her walker. The staff was helpful, respectful, professional and most of all caring. Mom was at Senior Haven for 4 years. She enjoyed parties, holiday celebrations, games, exercises, BBQ’s, talking with her tablemates during meals, sitting in the front room to say hello to visitors, or smelling the flowers on the patio. Finally, words are not enough to express my gratitude for the tender and loving end of life care and compassion Mom (and I) received at the end. Thank you, Sabrina, and all the staff at Senior Haven.

Janice Kerr

My mother has been at Senior Haven for 2 1/2 years. She is 96 and was no longer capable of living at home. Our family feels fortunate to have found this place. The staff is very caring and professional. Mom feels that she is well taken care of and is happy here.

Bill F

My 94-year-old father has lived in Senior Haven for two years. The staff is warm, caring and professional. Finding this place was a lifesaver for us. As he is developed dementia, having a staff who is patient with him and stays in touch with the family has been incredibly valuable. We could not be more happy with Senior Haven and the entire team takes care of my dad.

Sandra McDonough